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Our Story. Our Promise.

Traveling and experiencing what life has to offer has been important to us from the time we were kids to being a married couple with kids. We are incredibly thankful for the shared experiences and memories that have become lifelong treasures to our family. And it’s those moments that fueled our passion to purchase homes we can share with other lovers of special travel moments.

The properties we purchase will never be quick decisions. We want to fall in love with our properties because when you have love, you have a connection. Our connection to these homes helps us create one for you, as well. We pour all of our love and passion into crafting an experience we want you to always remember—and want to return to.

A Sparrow home might not always be the largest home, but it will have the “little things” you may not expect in other luxury rental properties. The little things make all the difference, and we promise to always mind the details in our homes to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and cared for and that you’ve created your own lifelong memories.

We hope to see you soon!

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What's in a name?


Many cultures believe the Sparrow symbolizes joy, community, teamwork, protection, and hard work. We couldn’t imagine a better representation of what we bring to our properties and the experience we hope to create for our guests.

In our homes, the small-but-might sparrow personifies our belief that little things make all the difference. Meticulous care and maintenance of our properties, an eye for design details, and adding small, personal touches to your surroundings elevate our vacation rentals beyond the hotel experience and create a “nest” you can’t wait to return to.

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